Hello the world! What is the definition of Affiliate Marketing?

The essential definition of “Affiliate Marketing” valuable in the online marketing world.

Although it was conceived of a little more than a decade ago, affiliate marketing today has already rapidly grown into a multibillion-dollar worldwide industry. 

Affiliate marketing is based on the completion of an action (conversion), whether it be a lead, sale, download, app install, subscription, pin-submit etc. Fundamentally, a merchant or advertiser agrees to pay another party (the affiliate) for every completion of the desired action. Typically, the more the difficult it is for an affiliate to get a user to complete a specific action, the higher an affiliate should predict to be paid for prompting that action. 

However, it is crucial for the advertiser to specify how and what makes the end user’s actions qualify for affiliate payment. This is why the quality of leads/traffic is so important to both affiliates (you) and advertisers. If an affiliate sends low quality traffic to a specific advertiser’s offer, the advertiser could potentially pause that affiliate from running that offer. This is often due to the fact that low quality conversions/actions do not benefit the advertiser’s return on investment (ROI). In most cases, quality is key when it comes to affiliate marketing. So even though your main focus is on collecting as many conversions/actions as you can, you must also equally prioritize the quality of your traffic in order to guarantee your success and longevity within our network.

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In the beginning, affiliate marketing is not easy. It can be very profitable but it takes patience, wits, strategy, and a lot of experimentation. At first, you will lose money, but the lost money is nothing compared to what you can gain. You should consider the “lost money” as valuable data on which targeting/sources are profitable and which are not. Essentially, most “super affiliates” are Media Buyers (in display, ppv, ppc, and/or social ads) and/or they have a HUGE mailing list (10 Million plus subscribers). 

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The fastest and most efficient route to begin with is media buying. However, you first must define your initial budget; it has to be a large enough budget to be able to bring in a decent amount of traffic and be able to optimize accordingly. However, do not make your initial budget TOO big to the point where you do not see much return. Once you have determined your budget, you should then focus on 1-3 offers maximum to dedicate your funds and energy towards. Be resourceful and utilize your Affiliate Manager and our Monetizer in order to fully understand which offers are working best. 

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These offers need to be compatible with your traffic type. For example, if your traffic source is Adwords, Bing, or 7search you should select offers that are successful on search (ppc) or if your traffic source is Trafficvance or Lead Impact then you should select offers that are fitting for PPV. 

Once you have determined your offers and traffic source, you should launch some campaigns that you think will work best. Thoroughly analyze the success rate of your offers and traffic in order to optimize your performance. You can use the report on our platform to critically assess and track which combination of niche, audience, and traffic is most effective and favorable considering your budget, time etc. Be patient and always look for ways to improve your campaigns (e.g. better ads, targeting, and keywords). 

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Once you have established a strong and effective foundation of variables and begun to see profits flow in, it’s time to steadily increase your budget for what’s working and cut the budget for less successful campaigns. Maintain this approach as you try different offers and grow your account. Good luck!

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